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Here are my water-based screen printing inks, produced regionally to the highest standards, mixed by hand and filled into jars by me. Harmless to the environment and great for creative time with the kiddos.

100ml per glass / opaque


Little guide:

Please wash the fabric straps beforehand. This increases the durability of the color.

Blow-dry after printing, only then does the right color appear and the opacity sets. Fill clean paint residues back into the glass with a small spoon/spatula.

Let the printed part dry for 24 hours and then fix it by ironing (medium heat) for 3-5 minutes per motif. Oven or heat press at 160 degrees, 3-5 minutes. Now you can wash the part inside out at 30/40 degrees. Feel free to tag me on Insta.

I'm so excited to see what you're doing with it.